Learn Physics or Get Bored Trying


This is the blog to document one geek’s quest to learn, entirely through self-study, enough physics to reasonably state that I understand (as far as that is possible for an as-yet undetected fundamental particle) what the Higgs Boson is, and what it’s about, before the LHC/Fermilab manage to catch one (as far as that is possible for a particle that may not even exist).

Armed with a degree in entirely the wrong kind of maths, a bunch of textbooks (many of which are e-books, via Kindle for iPad, which may present additional hurdles) and a mostly patient and occasionally tolerant wife, I plan to use this blog to write about issues and difficulties—and, with luck, successes and tips for self-study—that I encounter between now and when I either get where I’m going, or give up trying in order to pursue some other project with a greater bacon-yield potential.


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